Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Drama...

I had a wonderful Valentines Weekend. Spent the majority of it with my Cubbie, Andrew, who I feel is the greatest love of my life. The kind that makes your chest ache when you think about that one person when you are away from them. That is how I feel right now, even though we spent the last 4 nights together in addition to most of the days. On Sunday, he had lunch with his parents who were in from Ohio to celebrate a delayed Birthday for Andrew's mom, Margie. I have had the great opportunity to chat with her online from time to time, basically through messages and I can tell that she is a very classy lady. Additionally, I can see it in the way that Andrew was raised. You can tell a great deal about a parent by the way the children turn out, but that is not an actual science, it is a theory I have about behavior is something taught through nurture and nature. Respecting elders, respecting parents, a lot of different types of respect that is taught both at home and in communities. A lot has changed over my almost 40 years here on earth.

So where was I, oh yes, laughter. Well, a few weeks ago, I contacted a friend that works at a florist shop and ordered some flowers to be delivered to Andrew at his office at Purdue. I learned where his office is and when he is "supposed" to be in his office, in addition to his class schedule on Mondays for the delivery. The deliver was arranged for a before noon delivery, but when the delivery person arrived, he has already left for class and missed the delivery. I went to his office after my class and noticed that he had not received the flowers, so I cautiously called the company and asked the status. I was told they tried to deliver but no one was there, so I asked them to redeliver as he would be in his office until at least 4pm when I got done with my scheduled meeting.

I then go to class at 1:30pm, but get out around 2:30p, as it was an early day. I go back to his office and he is not there. Now I am panicking. did they try to deliver again and he wasn't there, where is he? While I try calling the florist and keep getting voice mail, Andrew thinks I am ready to leave for the day and packs his stuff up and says he is ready to leave. I begin to freak. I told him to go get some coffee and I will be waiting right where I was. I finally get in touch with the florist and find that the second delivery had NOT been made as of the time of the call but that it would be there soon. Now all I need to do is keep Andrew in his office until 4pm. Biggest problem: Cookie Hour. Apparently all the math graduate students are invited to a coffee and cookie hour from 3pm to 4pm. When Andrew returns, he tells me that the coffee will not be ready for another 10 minutes. I then tell him that I need to make sure he waits in his office until 4pm and that it is very important. He gets confused by goes to his office. I follow him, have a seat and start chatting about my day and about the meeting I will be having at 3:30pm. Right at 3pm, the delivery arrives. He knew I was up to something, but wasn't sure what, he was thankful that it was not a singing telegram, though.

Suffice to say, he loved the flowers and the blue teddy bear hugging the vase. For dinner, we went to Applebee's just before the dinner rush and had a wonderful time.

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