Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th, 2011.

With good news there is sometimes a little bad news as well.

The good news is that I got all A's in my classes this last semester for a 4.0 GPA. Ever since my issues from Spring 2010, my grades have been steadily improving and for that I am extremely happy.

The bad news is that I was discharged from working at Walmart last night. I am not going to go into specific details about what happened, just that I am upset at loosing what I thought was a wonderful job. I will miss working there and seeing all the friends I made while working there. Luckily most are either friends with me on Facebook or we text occasionally.

Walmart will still be covering the medical bills associated with my leg injury under workers comp. In the mean time, I will be focusing my energy on getting better, working on parts of my dissertation, and preparing for the beginning of my prelims.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My leg injury, or how to really piss me off.

Okay, so I go to the leg doc, nice man, very professional, explains things if very fine detail.

While I was waiting in the exam room, the A/C came on and I got a major chill that caused me to get goose bumps and the tingling sensation that goes along with them. Well, the tingling sensation stopped just below my right knee on my right leg, but went all the way to my toes on my left leg. I tell this strange sensation to the doc and he discusses with me that I am experiencing the symptoms of nerve compression from the contusion. He says that when my leg got essentially crushed, the swelling and bruising caused the nerves to basically overload and quit responding to stimuli. I go take my paperwork to work, they asked how the doc appointment went and I told them what the doc said to me. Unfortunately, the paperwork did not include this information, so I essentially looked like a lying idiot. I called the doc with a MAJOR WTF!!!

The doc just called me back and I reminded him of the discussion we had in the exam room and how when I went to take the paperwork to my employer, the fact that the information we discussed was not on the paperwork made me look like a lying idiot and that is not something I feel comfortable with. As I stated earlier, he is very professional and said that he would contact my employer and let them know that he inadvertently left that information off the paperwork. I thanked him for doing that and said that I would see him on Monday for our next appointment.

Aside from that, The doc feels that I am improving, that I should start putting weight on my right leg as tolerated, and has placed my work restrictions on alternating sitting and standing for the next week. I do not go back to work until Thursday, and I was told I will remain on door duty for the duration.

So that is what is going on with my leg. As far as the title goes, the part about really pissing me off refers to making me look like a lying idiot. I learned from my mother that lying does not help anyone and telling the truth is easier to remember. I live by that and have lost people I had thought were my friends because of it. Apparently some people do not like it when you tell them the truth, no matter the consequences.

I am done ranting about that, I will end with the poem my mom wrote shortly before she passed away that speaks about her position on lying versus telling the truth.

There once was a woman
I considered my friend
but I caught her in some lies
she could not defend.

Liars and thieves I cannot stand
as far as I'm concerned
they go hand and hand.

A thief will take the possessions you have
and very likely leave you flat broke
A liar can lie to you right to your face|
then laugh to their self, saying, "What a joke."

Soon it will be her judgment day
I'll say, "Take her devil and make her pay."
for our friendship she lost
by lying to me today.

Saundra Sue McKeown