Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Groundhogs Day

May you not have to repeat your day several times until you get it right.

Yesterday, Tuesday February 1, 2011, was a snow day recess from Purdue. So instead of going to meetings and classes, everyone (non-essential) got the day off. For me, that meant that I would be missing two meetings, one with the Department Head in regards to a Project that I am interested in and they are looking for PhD students to help with, and a meeting with my PhD adviser to go over information on my Dissertation. I also missed my HTM 631 Strategic Marketing course.

I was able to get my homework done for the week, which consisted of an article review for HTM 631 and designing an employee restroom in AutoCAD for HTM 523. Once those where complete, I went downstairs and watched the TV show "V" with my BFF Bruce.

We are now told that tomorrows classes are canceled until at least 10am on February 2, 2011. Of course, depending on how the night goes, more closures might be included.

Hopefully we will be hearing about it soon.

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