Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laughter is truely the bestest medicine...

As I mentioned before, I had a wonderful weekend with my Cubbie, Andrew.

At night, as we cuddle in bed, we talk about different things that happened during the day, such as my frustration with my homework, and his frustration with certain people in the math department which will remain nameless.

We each have a silly side, he loves to tickle me, and I love to play jokes on his mind. Of course, when it comes to math, I yield to him, but when it comes to everyday wisdom, he tends to yield to my expertise in dealing with life. On our next birthdays, I will be 40, and he will be 26, but when I am with him, I feel like I am 21ish again. I love meeting his math friends, and having him meet my HTM friends, and if you saw the post about Valentines day, you can pretty much see how much I love and adore him.

So the other night, we started discussing plans for Spring Break, which is coming up in about a month or so. Both of us are trying to save extra money for the summer to help when school is out and jobs in West Lafayette are a bit slower.

So he asks me about Spring Break, and I respond with, "well, it depends on whether it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, or in like a lamb and out like a lion". He responded with "you are my lion. I then went on to state that "then we April Showers, which bring..." and I leave the statement open for him to respond with "May Flowers", I then say, "Okay, and then the May Flowers bring..." and he said something incoherent about "June something", to which I said "No, silly, Mayflowers bring Pilgrims, you should know that". Well apparently he had never, ever heard that joke before, because he could not stop laughing, which got me in turn laughing at him. It was a good 10 minutes before we settled down and tried to find out how he didn't know such an old joke like that. He was unsure. So I said "I bet you don't know the answer the question of a rooster sitting on top of an A frame house, lays an egg, which way does the egg roll. Apparently he had not heard that one ether, as I explain to him that roosters don't lay eggs. More laughter.

I more on to the next one, that he surely must know, "a place crashes on the border of Canada and the US. Where do you bury the survivors?". His response: "Wherever they are originally from". Now I can not stop laughing long enough to tell him that you don't bury survivors, but I manage to get it out between gasps of air. Now we are both laughing hysterically at both the stupidity of the jokes and the fact that Andrew had apparently never heard them.

For the next two days, whenever he tried to make fun of something I had done, I would respond with something like "at least I know not to bury survivors" or something like that, and we would start laughing again and again.

Final thought on this situation, I feel that our relationship is healthy enough to deal with the everyday banter that two people place on each other in a fun and loving way, and that is one feature of Andrew that makes me love him more and more.

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