Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi day and other musings

Happy Pi day everyone. The day of the year when the date is 3.14.

Anyway, So last night at work I had two things happen. One reminded me of my mom and the other one reminded me of my sister.

While working last night, the manager went on the intercom and called for a specific employee to report the 97 wall. (Just FYI, the 97 wall is meat wall, lunch meat, bacon, etc). So I thought to myself, well at least he wasn't called to the 86 wall. This reminded me of when mom and I were working at Waffle House in Tucson Arizona. She was working the afternoon shift with a grill operator named Tony. Usually, the grill operator is the person in charge of the shift when the manager isn't there, but the manager would always leave my mom in charge and mom would let Tony "think" he was in charge. Anyway, Some people were being obnoxious, so Tony was going to throw them out of the restaurant. He told the people "That's enough, I want you guys out of here you are being 69'ed". My mom then yelled "Tony! The number is 86!".

Ahhh, funny stories.

Now if I can only remember what it was that reminded me of my sister, so I could tell that funny story as well. Maybe I will remember later.

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